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BiomeMax® Bio-Active 99.99% Pure Colloidal Copper, 30 mL, is a pure and all-natural supplement. It provides you with the benefits of copper, which is known to be effective in supporting overall good health. By using the latest in Vibrational Frequency Programming, BiomeMax® Bio-Active Supplements are not only positively charged for increased Bio-Availability but also Frequency Programmed, further promoting homeostasis.


In addition to its use as a supplement, our BiomeMax® Bio-Active Colloidal Copper is an essential mineral that promotes healthy skin, hair and nails, along with bone and joint support.


BiomeMax® Bio-Active Colloidal Copper is a 99.99% pure supplement that encourages overall good health. Pure Colloidal Copper water provides natural mineral balance, supports a healthy lifestyle and contains only 2 ingredients: Pharmaceutical Grade Distilled water and 99.99% Pure Colloidal Copper


BiomeMax® Bio-Active Colloidal Copper is a supplement containing Pure Copper for use as an essential mineral. This highly bioavailable form of copper supports the body's natural defenses, including immune response and enzyme activity and promotes Iron uptake and absorption. 


All-Natural and Safe for the whole Family ages 4 and up. *Children generally receive enough Copper in their diet. 


Net Volume: 30 mL

Potency: 85ppm Pure Colloidal Copper


Not recommended for people with diagnosed or suspected Wilson's disease.


Normally, copper is absorbed from your food, and excess is excreted through a substance produced in your liver (bile).


But in people with Wilson's disease, copper isn't eliminated properly and instead accumulates, possibly to a life-threatening level.


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*FDA Disclaimer: Any statements made, have not been evaluated by the FDA. No products we produce, manufacture, market, or distribute are intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. Consult your physician before beginning any exercise program or taking any supplements or botanical extracts.


Lab Certification:

  • PRIV-1726428-01 Bio Active Colloidal Copper

BiomeMax® Bio-Active 99.99% Pure Colloidal Copper, 30 mL

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