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CBD Products For Your Pets

We are proud to say that we are Iliinois' exclusive dealer of Sat-A-Vet products. Sat-A-Vet, by Can-Tek Labs, produces industry leading, full spectrum CBD products available today. Sat-A-Vet products are 100% free of THC and contain no pesticides, residual solvents, heavy metals, or toxic mildew and mold. All products they distribute are tested internally as well as independently by third party testing facilities to confirm and maintain accuracy and consistency, improving all quality control measures. Sat-A-Vet is proudly made in the U.S.A.

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PCX Technology.png

PCX technology is Sat-A-Vet's patent-pending process of enhancing full spectrum phytocannabinoid rich extracts to express the naturally occurring terpenes & flavonoids.

Full Spectrum.png

Sat-A-Vet products are manufactured using full-spectrum raw hemp oil, ensuring a high concentration of naturally-occurring terpenoids and cannabinoids.

THC Free.png

Sat-A-Vet engineers are able to gently remove 100% of the THC rendering the our entire line completely non-psychoactive without the use of dangerous chemical solvents.

Phytocannabinoid Rich.png

Sat-A-Vet's American derived hemp produces on average 12-20% CBD compared to imports using low-grade industrial hemp. This means only the best for your pets!

Grown in the USA.png

Here at Simply CBD we are proud to sell products by American farmers that raise the most highly sought after strains of organic hemp in the World. 

Organically Derived Nutrients.png

Your pets safety is our number one concern. Sat-A-Vet requires that their farmers only grow organically derived hemp free from pesticides, chemical solvents, and heavy metals.


The American farmers that produce Sat-A-Vet use only verified, non-genetically modified strains of hemp. This ensures a safe, pure product for our furry friends.

Chemically Solvent Free.png

To ensure you are getting an ultra premium CBD product for your pets, no harmful chemical solvents are used by Sat-A-Vet in any phase of their hemp processing.

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